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treatment of UC – ulcerative colitis – an integrative medicine approach

treatment of UC – ulcerative colitis – an integrative medicine approach

New Case report: A new way to see ulcerative colitis.

This is a western medicine diagnosis that has few successful treatment strategies.

Looking at it from an integrative medicine strategy perspective I suggest addressing the spirit, mind and body approach. Although the most bothersome and tragic symptoms are bodily in nature – the resolution to this problem is threefold.

Spiritually the individual suffering needs to discover a way he or she can be in balance within through prayer, meditation, focused breathing, some meditative exercise like Yoga, Qi Gong or Tai Chi or through bio-feedback and neuro-linguistic programing. The person needs to develop a balanced way of living and responding to his or her circumstances – no matter how stressful those circumstances may be.

Second, mindfully, the individual will need to shift his or her thinking habits. Shift out of angry, or reactive habitual patterns of all or nothing, right or wrong, have to and should or should nots. These types of dualistic mind/thinking/cognitive patterns are destructive with respect to this disease.

Third, to address the body component the first two suggestions will assist the individual with the habitual tension and overreaction of Liver on spleen/stomach resulting in the irritable bowel syndrome or colitis.

Focus on diet with a twist, Increase in whole foods, decrease in wheat or gluten or dairy foods if the individual has an allergy – will also create a better environment for the inner workings of the ascending and descending intestines and colon. Next a re-evaluation of vitamin D, B, and C are useful. These can assist with mood, assimilation, and decrease inflammation. Although many studies have been done on D3, I have found individuals that have UC, along with anxiety or stress related sleep issues may actually do better with D2 (this is a prescription D).  Golden Flower Herbal patents: Intestinal Fungus Formula and Pulsatilla Intestinal Formula are very helpful in reducing cramping while simultaneously healing the mucosal lining of the intestine.  Additionally, a high quality Oregano Oil supplement will be of value for immune boosting and anti fungal, anti viral, and anti bacterial benefits. A good whole-food product of Magnesium and calcium will assist in maintaining a balanced bowel movement as well as help with sleep and reduce pain/inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory herbals, such as Basil, Oregano, Tumeric, Ginger, and rosemary, from whole-food sources are very useful for this disorder as are homeopaths. In general if the individual has been suffering with UC for longer than 6 months he or she will have compromised spleen and stomach Qi, from a Chinese Medicine perspective these two Qis assist one in getting the nutrients from food – so if they are depleted the individual may have difficulty getting the nutrients needed through food, herbals, and vitamins (with the exception of D2 by prescription. So homeopaths are a great resource to help with mucosa lining rebuilding, anti-inflammation, and stress reduction.  Here I have found homeopaths of chamomile, pulsatilla, and sulphur to be of benefit.

This integrative approach is going to have the most immediate and long-standing effect on the diminishment of acute symptoms and will allow for a life-long shift in attitude, and experience with the UC disease.

There are a number of very effective acupuncture and moxa approaches that I have developed to treat this disease, for more information please contact me through my website, www.bethgineris.com.

The focus here is on eliminating or greatly reducing inflammation while increasing immunity.

It has been my observation, that if the individual suffering with the UC does not change from the spiritual and mindful/cognitive style of being in the world, these treatments will only be able to keep the illness at bay for a decade.  UC is a multilevel disease and requires multilevel changes for the person to fully return to balance.

Best of luck and see you back here for our next case study posting.  dr beth gineris, dr ron romanik.