Ronald Romanik, MD Psychiatrist over 25 years of experience.

Focuses on the interface between Internal Medicine and Psychiatry.  The Art of Medicine.  Trained Painter in Watercolor, Oils, and Pastel.  Yoga Practitioner for over 35 years.  Daily Meditates.

Beth Gineris, MA, MBA, MSOM, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Integrating East – West philosophies to promote Balance within the individual; Gestalt trained – focus on paradigm shifting and how differing philosophies connect – The Art of Perspective and Seeing from the Inside-Out and around as a whole.  Drawing and painting for over 30 years; Writer, Runner and Yoga practitioner for over 20 years.  Daily Meditates.

We have collaboratively developed an effective program for working on cases with an integrative, Whole Medicine, focus. The changing environment of healthcare offers opportunities for cohesion and innovative interaction among health care professionals from different medical traditions.

Integration of conventional treatments among the different disciplines can result in effective and efficient treatments that span across philosophical lines

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